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“Don’t Call Me Baby” has just won the Mile High Blues Society International Blues Challenge award for best self-produced album of 2019! 

In August we finished our latest CD, and first as a trio, entitled "Don't Call Me Baby".   This was recorded at Sound Stream Studios in Arvada by Gary Flori.    We are absolutely THRILLED with this album!    It has 13 tracks, nine of which are original songs (including the title track).   The variety of music on this is incredible, even though it is all in the blues genre.   Gary did an excellent job of capturing our sound and our energy.    We have some New Orleans funk, D.C. style "Go-Go" beat (on "Nobody's Home", swing, slow grinding blues, rhumba, cha-cha and other kinds of rhythm.    Each track is distinct, yet the whole album is very cohesive.   One of the tracks ("Roll the Dice") won one of the 2019 Colorado Music Business Organization awards for best song.

 Contact us for a copy at 50shadesofbluemusic@gmail.com or pick up a copy at one of our upcoming shows!




A great time was had at THE ARVADA TAVERN last Saturday night!   Great turnout, outstanding drinks, service, and MUSIC.   If you haven't been there yet, you definitely need to come check out this cool Speakeasy type venue!   Stay tuned for the video we shot that evening.

Dan Crecco on another blazing drum solo at GROSSEN BART last Friday night!  Great time at this terrific brewpub.  If you haven’t been there, check it out sometime.   Great to see Juan Montalvo and Denny Driscoll that night!

November shows



We are playing at LOCAL 46 on Nov 15.     This will be our Denver CD release party.  Come out and party with us!


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About the Band


Played by three of the top musicians on the Colorado front range

Christine Webb:  Bass and Vocals                        Dan Crecco:  Drums and percussion   Jim "Doc" Seely:  Guitars and vocals

Christine Webb: Bass and Vocals Dan Crecco: Drums and percussion Jim "Doc" Seely: Guitars and vocals

During a recent radio interview, the interviewer asked, “Who is the band leader?”   We looked at each other and shrugged...  

50 SHADES OF BLUE is truly a collaborative, democratic band.  Like all democracies our creative process can be noisy and even contentious.  But the end result is always better than any one of us had imagined in the first place! 

You take some of Dan Crecco’s New Orleans tinged drums and percussion, add Christine Webb’s soulful vocals and solid bass lines, then throw in Doc Seely’s mastery of all things with six strings, and you have yourself a savory gumbo of funkilicious blues and R&B!! 

So, come see us sometime!  We’ll have you coming back for seconds…and thirds!!